Thursday, 29 November 2018


Top 8 best useful websites for Law students and lawyers. These websites will surely help law students to build their career in the legal field. 
To 8 best law websites for lawyers and law students in india

Live Law will provide legal news and Events. Live Law covers Latest Legal News, Supreme Court News, News on Law, Law School News, Legal Events, Columns on Law, Legal etc. This site is more focused on court reporting.

PathLegal is a prominent lawyers directory from India. It would also provide online legal advice, phone consulting, free legal advice in India, free LPO training, legal documents, free legal case management tool and many other legal software. PathLegal has published a detailed online LPO training material for free. Law students can grab the LPO knowledge along with their law curriculum. PathLegal WebAppenhances a lawyer/law firm to have digital interaction with clients and maintain them.


For law students in India: internships, things to do, career advice, blogs, it is a very very resourceful site for law students.  t houses internship experiences, law student opportunities, career advice articles, blog posts, law school news etc.

It will give information about all the laws in India. This site is a Virtual Legal Assistant for law students and helps to manage your research in the law field.

Bar and Bench

Bar & Bench is India's best source for legal news. This site helps the students in reading the latest news, columns, and interviews on Indian law firms, law schools, senior counsels etc.


Manupatra, a legal database, has enormous legal material of Indian as well as overseas countries. Manupatra Law Products and Legal Products include Law Journal, Legal CD, Law CD, Legal CDs, Law CDs, Legal Ezine, Law Ezine, Legal Ezines, Law Ezines, Law Book, Legal Books, Law Books, Legal Books, Law Journal, Law Journals, Legal Journals, Online Database, Legal Journal, Print Products, Prints, etc.

The Legal 500 provides the complete worldwide coverage on recommended Law firms, Lawyers, Attorneys, Advocates, Solicitors, and Barristers. This site will help you to choose the law firm for your internship or practice.


Legally India website reports, news, and information related to Indian law firms, the Indian law industry, Lawyers in India etc.  LegallyIndia’s comments will help the law students to grab knowledge.

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