Thursday, 5 April 2018

Vakalatnama Format for Delhi Courts

Vakalatnama format for Delhi Courts



In the matter of



Know all to whom these presents shall come that I/We ___________________________


Them above named the _____________________________________do hereby appoint
Sudarshan Rajan & Ramesh Rawat
Ch. No. 84, Old Lawyers Chambers Supreme Court of India, New Delhi
ENROLLMENT NO. D/968/2000, D/1948/2014
Mobile: 9650075050, 9990865829

Advocate(s),   to be my/ our true and lawful attorney (s), in the matter noted above, to do all the following acts, deeds and things, or any of them, (jointly and severally) and also ratify anything already done on our behalf that is to say: -

1.    To sign, verify and present and send notices, replies rejoinders, pleadings, appeals, cross-objections or petitions for execution, review, revision, other petitions or affidavit or other documents as shall be deemed necessary or advisable for the prosecution of the case or in relation thereto in all its stages.
2.    To appear, act, and plead in the above-mentioned case in any court or tribunal etc, in which the same be heard or tried in the 1st instance or in appeal or review or revision or execution or in any other stage of its progress until its final decision.
3.    To withdraw or compromise the said case or submit to arbitration any differences or disputes that may arise to or in any manner relating to the said case.
4.    To receive documents, papers, records, orders etc. and to do all other acts all things, which may be necessary or proper to be done for the progress and in all course of the prosecution of the said case.
5.    To employ any other legal practitioner, advocate or consultant authorizing him to exercise the power and authority hereby conferred on the Advocate (s) whenever he/they may think fit to do so.
      And I/We hereby agree that whatever the Advocate (s) or his/ there substitute shall do in the premises shall be binding on me in all intents and purposes just as if it would have been done by me.
And I/We hereby agree not to hold the Advocate (s) or his/their substitute responsible for the said case in consequence of his absence from the court when the said case is called up for hearing.
And I/We hereby agree that in the event of the whole or any part of the free agreed by me/ us to be paid to the Advocate (s) remaining unpaid he/they shall be entitled to withdraw from the prosecution of the said case, or not to appear until the same is paid.
In witness whereof I/We hereunto set my/our hand to these presents the contents of which have been explained to and understood by me/us.
Date: ___________

Advocate (s)                                                                                                 Client(s)

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